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SEO website analysis tools -

Today, many online SEO sites have been created online to do their SEO analysis. This article Lydavb follow up with 6 Top Site Analytics SEO Learn more.

One of the most important steps for having a successful SEO site on Google’s front page is to first analyze what your SEO site is, and then, by examining the results of this analysis, make the decisions and steps necessary to enter each and every one. What’s better and faster on Google’s front page. In order to be able to analyze our site, we must use SEO sites that report the results online.

Online SEO Analysis with 6 Top Sites 

Be along with the SEO site so we can better understand them.

1- Woorank



 The most popular SEO site, Woorank, is that you can use it for free for 14 days, but in the future, its use requires the purchase of one of its panels. You can find the following for analyzing your site on this site:

  1. Check the number of site and content leaderboards including H1, H2, H3 and … 
  2. The frequency of keywords in the used text  
  3. Check external and internal links as well as broken links 
  4. Display site in mobile and tips related to the span Site including site download speed on mobile 
  5. Tips on your domain, site language, the number of domains that are parked in your main domain, Park Stored Data, and … 
  6. Identify the server and technologies that You use them on the site, including the SSL certificate, the programming language, and the used frameworks, and … 
  7. If your site has a bug (bug means a bug or If Google can not crawl your site through crawlers, it will be dealt with here and these errors will be identified.
  8. If you use social networks, you can find information about them on this site, such as the history of this post in the social network or how many of them have been viewed … 
  9. Tips on the traffic and audience of your site, For example, you can specify the position of your site in Iran and the world and which countries your audience is.

2- Seo Site Checkup

 Another top SEO site that you can use within a 14-day free account is Seo Site Checkup. Using this site, you can compare and analyze your site to other sites. In fact, you should click on the + sign in the box where you specify your domain name, then enter another domain and finally select Checkup.

  1. Features include: 
    Checking the repetition of words used in various guides, tips about meta description and titles used, alt’s property in pictures, and … 
  2. Checking tips that matter at your site’s speed like Number of broken links, links redirected, cache checking, use of Gzip, CSS and HTML files that have been modified, and … 
  3. Tips on the server and site security, such as the use of an SSL certificate, the security of the browsers that were used and … 
  4. UI (user interface) and Rspansyv mobile site on page
  5. Tips on SEO as Structure Data, status pages indexed by the engines Search, introduction addresses that you’ve blocked access to Google’s search robots and …

3- SEMrush

SEMrush -


 The site’s SEO site has the ability to compare your address with three other addresses. Meanwhile, the site delivers your requested results in three sub-categories, including:

  1. Website Analysis: This page estimates the position of your site among other sites, and while presenting the form of the site on the desktop and mobile, on the SEO, they give tips such as indexed pages, keywords, and, finally, about Making a better SEO advises you. About the speed of the site, There are some tips on how to view the size of each one of the scripts, images, and more along with the site’s download speed. Finally, by clicking on the 
    Web Performance option, use the recommendations of this site for speeding up. 
  2. Competitor Analysis: If you, in addition to your site, have entered other domains in addition to your site, you should visit this page and see the general concepts of SEO and site speed to see the results between the domains you entered. 
  3. Keyword: In this section, you can also specify the keyword you want to search for, Click rates, domains that have used that word inside and … get information.

4- Ahref

SEO and Ahrefs SEO sites

 Ahrefs is one of SEO SEO sites that you need to buy an account from the beginning so you can use it.

One of the important points in SEO is that successful sites on the front page of Google, from which sites or networks are linked. Because linking is one of the most important factors on the site’s SEO site, it is one of the best sites that can provide good information about the site’s BackLink, Ahrefs. 
In addition to BackLink, you can see how much you’re attracted to an organic search (a search that finds our audience only through Google, not social networks).
In the Keywords section, you can see the search volume of your keyword as well as its click rate and also use other keyword features. An interesting section on this site is Content Explorer that you can search on a specific topic and Ahrefs will show you the best content that is relevant to your topic, in addition to displaying content, Its popularity on social networks, the traffic generated by Google for this content and so on.

5- Seoptimer

Seo and SEO analytics sites

Seoptimer is also an example of hundreds of SEO sites that have attracted a lot of interesting graphics and graphics. Initially, when you declare your site, in five general graphs, graphics graphs tell you what your site is going to do, but the overall results that this site provides is categorized in 7 parts, which include: 

  1. SEO: Here are some tips about titles and meta explanations. Checking the guides, keywords, and frequency, the alt property in the images, the number of internal and external links, broken links, the use of the sitemap and …  
  2. Usability: In this section, the most attention paid to the site and the lack of flash and iFrame makes sure your site is secure.
  3. Performance Result: This section is specific to speed, in that it defines the size of different scripts and introduces different speed indices, and ultimately tells you how to increase the speed of the site, such as using Gzip, Modify, and … 
  4. Socials: This section also discusses the types of social networks, the number of likes in them, the number of followers in them, and… 
  5. Security: Here are some tips about security indicators, such as the use of SSL certificates and successful redirects on https.
  6. Technology: The use of other technologies on the site, such as the use of a framework, ready-made CMS, store systems, DNS information and more. 
  7. Recommendations: In this section, the system will provide you with some solutions for improvement in the specific areas mentioned above.

7- Lipperhey


The last Lipperhey SEO site is when you type your domain into the box, and after a little bit of a page, you will get an SEO analysis from your site.
First, you need to look at the right sidebar to select the section you want, and if you are interested, click on it so you can read the analysis of this site for the desired part.
In the first part, you will be presented with tips on the social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter, and will inform you about the pages that have received the most number of similar icons.
Then the most talk about SEO is where you can find out about your domain life, the links that other sites give you, the status of the server and its related attributes, the popularity of your site among other sites in the world, the average words used on one page, images Optimized and warns about optimizing other images, gifts, and more.
One of the interesting things you see about your domain name is the estimate that your domain name is good.
You can also view the latest site updates as well as the site’s visitor on this site.


Site SEO should always be done for your site because you can get a better evaluation of your site and make it the first page of Google as soon as possible. In this way, you can use the SEO analysis sites that we provided in this article about the top 6 sites in this area. 
As you can see, most of the services that these sites offer are roughly the same, but in choosing SEO sites, consider choosing the right board and choosing the type of service you want. Always consider it.

If you’re interested in a great web design, like a star in Google’s first rankings, your online library will always be there to give you the best tips on SEO



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