All online businesses appearing on the online marketplace aim to improve the conversion rate of the site. Today, there are several ways to attract traffic to each site’s target. Some are looking for a good place in the SERPs, some are also eager to attract heavy traffic to your site. In any case, everyone is looking for financial success. While some rely only on Google to determine the reach of the goal, some also seek a good place in the Alexa ranking system, which can be of benefit.


The Alexa Ranking or Ranking Alexa is a ranking system that is provided by the website (one of the branches), which is basically based on the review and submission of hits from various sites. The Alexa Traffic Rating Algorithm is relatively simple. This calculation is based on traffic recorded on the site by users who have installed the Alexa toolbar and ranked based on the past three quarters of the site.

The traffic based on parameters such as access to (reach) and the number of pages viewed (page views) is. Access means the number of Alexa users who have seen a site in one day. The page views are, as its name implies, the number of times a page (URL) has been visited by Alexa users. However, Alexa has clearly stated that the number of times a user opens a URL within a day is counted as a visit.

The first step in the ranking or ranking process is to calculate the amount of access and the number of visits to all web sites daily. Alexa Ranking is calculated from the geometric mean of access and visit, which is averaged over a certain period (three months).


Determine Alex’s site rating and use this simple ranking. All we must do is visit the Alexa site and download the Alexa Toolbar and install it. This toolbar also has a search function, but it mainly displays the rank of the site (globally) as well as the country where the site was visited and searched. Alexa does not only display site rank information, but also sends the data to Alexa’s central server. So, every time you search and open a page with a browser with the Alexa plugin (toolbar installed in the browser), the information is sent to the server, which includes the ip and visited page. This data is collected from all web users using the Alexa toolbar.

At Alexa ‘s Ranking, the better the number of site rankings is. Most people believe that if the site’s rank is less than 100,000, it has received relatively heavy traffic.



  • Alexa traffic can be used as a competitive intelligence tool but should not be used as a true indicator of the size of an audience of a site. To evaluate the audience of a site, it is enough to enter the competitor’s site in the comparison section of the sites and see the result that compares the market attempt of a site with similar sites.
  • Unlike Google Page Rank (Google’s PageRank) that more is better, ranking the less the better.
  • The Alexa Rank helps webmasters and advertisers see the true potential of a website’s website. The higher the Alexa rank, the more likely it is that the advertiser wants to place an ad on your site.
  • Personal pages or personal blogs are also ranked in the same way as ordinary web sites. They even get a distinct score.
  • Given that Alexa ranking provides information about your website, it’s a good way to see site optimization for search engines.


  • All people do not install Alexa Toolbar or Plugin, so there are millions of websites that do not rank even if they have significant traffic. This causes the Alexa Rank to be relative.
  • Some believe Alexa’s ranking is not correct and Alexa traffic can be manipulated (or promising to play)
  • Subdomains are not ranked separately in the Alexa system, as the subdomains of a domain do not rank individually. Total traffic for Domain Wald is calculated.


If you want to improve your site’s you can buy Alexa traffic, just follow some simple general rules, such as:

  • Download and install the Alexa toolbar and then visit your site frequently.
  • Install the Alexa plugin on your website. This will excite visitors who want to see the rank of your site and you know that every click of this plugin is counted.
  • Write good quality content, especially content related to webmasters and web development. Advertise your content on the community forums and social network. The main idea of attracting more traffic, especially traffic users who may have installed the Alexa toolbar or add-ons.
  • Write down articles on Alexa on your blog and website. These articles are read by those who work in the field of web development and are webmasters who have mostly installed the Alexa toolbar and plugin in their browser.
  • Try to promote your articles on the social networking site
  • Optimize your website in terms of keywords related to Alexa.
  • Tell your friends about the Alexa toolbar and ask them to download and install the Alexa toolbar and visit your site frequently.
  • Use the Alexa Redirect. This means you place it in front of your site URL. So, Alexa will find your website clicks, even if the visitor does not have Alexa toolbar installed.
  • Enter the address of your site when you post and post on sites and forums at webmasters. The likelihood that webmasters have installed the Alexa plugin and toolbar is much higher than normal users, so they will get points at your site visit.


As we have seen, Alexa Ranking has its own advantages and disadvantages. The bottom line is that most people rank Alexa to receive valuable ads and promotions. Since the Alexa rank is based on the number of hits on those who have installed the Alexa toolbar, the result of the ranking cannot be very correct.

However, it has been proven that Alexa Traffic Ranking is beneficial to sites because well-rated sites receive good traffic since Alexa focuses on website traffic rather than links to the site. As a money-making strategy from the website, we can say with certainty that Alexa Ranking may be the only solution.


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