9 Important Points To Know Before Performing Lip Prosthesis

Lip Prosthetic

The desire for beauty and beauty has been the constant concern of humans. For some time, the fever of doing beauty works has led a lot of people to the medical clinic. The desire for the beauty of the face has always existed in various forms in human societies. One of the most recent actions is to perform a lumbar prosthesis to increase the volume of the lips and reach the prominent and cooler appearance. This article will introduce you to the benefits of dental fillers, lip balm complications, and 9 important points before the lumbar prosthesis.

These days, the dermal filler is one of the most commonly used methods for lipid prosthesis. Its various species have the ability to inject in the lips and around the mouth, but the most commonly used fillers today are substances that are similar to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body and helps to increase lips volume. Such skin fillers are also known as Hyaluronic Acid Filers.

Collagen was once one of the most commonly used skin fillers that are now less commonly used for lips prostheses. The new methods are more confident and will have more durable results.

Injections of fat and implants are other methods of lip prosthesis. But today, due to different outcomes and the risk of higher side effects, less of these two methods are used.

Use of Hyaluronic Acid Filers

Hyaluronic acid fillers, with deformation, structure and volume of the lips, enhance the beauty of the lips.

The effect of this method is approximately 6 months. To maintain the lips volume, more injections are needed at appropriate intervals.

There are hyaluronic acid fillers with different brands and prices on the market.

All of these products are injected in the same way and will have the same result. Some of them also have lidocaine (a local anesthetic).

Advantages of Hyaluronic Acid Filers

After injections of gel fillers, these materials help the lining of the tissues.

Advantages of Hyaluronic Acid Filers include:

Lip volume control
The amount of injectable material can be controlled. So the doctor controls the volume needed for liposuction prosthesis.

Gradual formation of the result
Injections can be performed at different intervals to achieve the desired result.

Get rid of bumpy bumps
Any bumps or masses that are caused by a false movement can easily be resolved.

Less bruising
This method will have less bruising and less crease compared to other skin fillers.

More shelf life
The results of these injections in the lumbar prosthesis are usually longer, but not permanent.

Lowest allergic reaction
Due to the closed structure of the hyaluronic acid filler to the body, a less allergic reaction to this material occurs. But if you are allergic to lidocaine, be sure to tell your doctor.

What are the expectations of the work?
Injectable techniques used in the lumbar prosthesis are easily performed at the doctor’s office. This is an outpatient practice and usually does not require any special rest or care. But the fat injection is different. In this way, a small liposuction procedure should be performed to provide the fat needed from other areas of the body.

Usually, a little anesthetizing around the mouth before injection. Sometimes the doctor alleviates the lips by anesthetizing the nerve block. This technique is similar to what is done in dentistry to indulge the gum and mouth.

After preparing the infusion area, the needle is injected into the lips with a very narrow needle.

After injection, you may use an ice cream to control the swelling and discomfort of injection. But there should not be too much pressure into the injection area.

After this, it’s best not to use lipstick or other lip-related products.

Usually, immediately after the injection, you should notice changes in the lips. After recovery, the abnormal sensation in the lips is lost.

Complications of the lips prosthesis
Side effects of Hyaluronic Acid Filers are temporary in the lip prosthesis and do not last for more than a few days. These complications include:

  • Bleeding the injection site;
  • Bruising and swelling;
  • Redness and pain in the injection site;
  • And healing is in the injection site or around the lips.

More serious side effects and risks include:

  • Feeling the pain, prolonged swelling or bruising that does not go away for one week to 10 days;
  • Asymmetry of the lips (part of the lips have a different size
  • Bumps or roughness in the lips;
  • Infection;
  • Intravascular injection of blood that causes tissue loss;
  • Wound, scarring or stiffening of the lips;

An allergic reaction that causes redness, swelling or itching around the lips.

Contact your doctor as soon as possible if you suffer from excessive swelling or fever.

Is the lip prosthesis suitable for you?

To answer this question, you should first ask yourself why you want to change the look of your lips? Before you find a definite answer to this question, it’s best to never do this.

Also, do not forget to have realistic expectations about the outcome. The prominent lips make the appearance of the lips smoother and thicker. But after leaving the doctor’s office, you will still be the same person.

Your doctor can speak about the positive and negative aspects of the options for lumbar prosthetics. So you will be able to make the best decision depending on the technique and materials used in this operation.

It is best to have a good health condition and avoid smoking before performing the lumbar prosthesis. If you suffer from one of the following diseases, you probably should not take this action:

  • Having an active infection such as oral hirsutism;
  • Diabetes ;
  • Tuberculosis (or other skin lesions);
  • Blood dysfunction.

If you have had herpes in the past, let your doctor know before doing this. Talk to your doctor about any kind of allergy or allergy to lidocaine. Also, if you are taking any kind of medication, including prescription drugs, free or herbal supplements, inform your doctor.

Choosing the right doctor
There are various specialists who can perform lips prostheses, including:

  • plastic surgeon;
  • dermatologist;

Surgeon beauty and facial repair.
The most important point about choosing a doctor is the expertise and experience of your doctor to do this. You need to trust your doctor. Do not refer to any medicine. Lip prosthesis will carry a lot of risks, especially if the person who injects the material is not sufficiently skilled.

When you decide to do so, ask your doctor about the academic background and training. Has the doctor done a few injections? Has he obtained a valid and relevant certificate? Are you a member of your specialist community?

In addition, look at the photos before and after the practice of any other doctor. Are you satisfied with the outcome? If not, think better.

9 Tips to Know Before You Make a Lip Prosthetic

Thanks to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, the number of people who seek to highlight their lips with temporary fillers has increased dramatically.

Although the result of this method is not permanent, it can not be overcome. Before deciding to do this, consider a lot of things.

We conducted an interview with Dr. Esho, a lipo surgery specialist and winner of the award-winning Beauty Awards, to find out more about liposuction.

1 What are the lip filaments made of?
Most people who do this use collagen or “hyaluronic acid” to increase the size and size of the lip. Collagen simply lips, but hyaluronic acid fillers not only help to increase lipstick volume but also preserve the water in the lips for a natural look.

2 How much filler is required?
An important point that many people ignore in the lumbar prosthesis is that reaching the prominent lips does not necessarily occur overnight. If you have a very narrow lip and want to get bigger and more natural lips, this will require several treatment sessions. So the cost will be even higher.

The key to this is to create layers that I personally do with the MicroDrawl injection technique. This method allows me to create a new lip for the visitor that reaches the desired shape and size over time.

3 Is this painful?
Depending on who does it, this is different. Personally, I prefer to use dental anesthesia so that the patient does not feel pain. But many people opt for anesthetic gels that may cause a little discomfort in the patient.

4 What is the length of lumbar prosthesis?
The durability of the lumbar prosthesis depends on the material used and the patient’s age. On average, most people every 4 or 6 months need re-injection to maintain the desired size.

5 Does the lumbar prosthesis have a different lifestyle?
If this is done correctly, the lip glue should not have a different feel than the natural lips.

6 Will the result of the work be clear?
Right after the injection, the lips swell a little. I advise patients to first freeze on the lips to prevent skin blemishes. Approximately after 24 hours, the swelling is eroded and the final result is determined.

7 What happens if this is not done correctly?
Usually, depending on the material used for the lips prosthesis, it will be different and, of course, very rare. Most doctors use hyaluronic acid fillers that last longer than collagen fillers.

The likelihood of hypersensitivity to collagen-containing substances is between one and three percent. But hyaluronic acid filtration rarely causes an allergic reaction in the patient.

8 If there is no lip gloss, is it possible to empty the fillers?
One of the advantages of “hyaluronic acid” over collagen fillers is that it can be removed even before it is removed naturally, with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. So if there’s a problem, you can quickly fix it.

9 How can I find a trusted doctor?
The key is to investigate. Finding a person with the necessary skills is very important. Check your doctor’s qualifications. According to the British Ministry of Health, those who are qualified to do so are surgeons, doctors, dentists or nurses. Do not forget to always ask your questions from trusted sources.


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